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Adiramef srl is a society of services born at the end of the years' 80 with the objective to furnish to the healthcare structures, both public and private ones, a support to the efficient management of the technology, both in safety terms of employment of the installed biomedical equipments and the relative fittings connected to the equipments, both as it regards the tied up aspects to the containment of their costs of maintenance and business.

Adiramef s.r.l., on the market from 1984 as sole-proprietor firm, and as s.r.l. from 2001.

Leader today in Campania in the supply of services of maintenance of advanced technologies, Adiramef s.r.l. has been founded in 1984, when the concepts of global management, clinical engineering and multi-brand maintenance were still unknown. A farsighted initiative that was born from a solid experience in the maintenance of equipments with advanced technology, biomedical equipments and of the relative special technological fittings as support of the same. The service is therefore for a long time the core-business of the Adiramef, developed and optimized in base to the needs and the demands of the clients. Thanks to this industrial strategy, the firm has in the last decade actively participated in supporting for the reorganization of a market of the health that is always in evolutionary phase, reaching a high degree of competitiveness over the whole regional territory and not.

“In the latest years, just to face the unification of the healthcare firms, the Adiramef s.r.l. is organized for always answering to the greater application of integrated and global services.

We have aimed at the technological specialization, on structural investments, on the investments in human resources, on the strengthening of the business image through a new commercial net of high profile and on the quality of the services finalized to the satisfaction of the clientele. The consequent results to our business choices are coming, as shows a 30% continuous annual middle growth training in the last quinquennium and in a positioning that sees us among the first ten actors in the scene of the health at national level. We prepare of over 50 employees over which around the 10% graduates in the disciplines biomedical (employees and advisors) and 10% graduates in the electro-technical and mechanics disciplines (employees and advisors), further to about ten other advisors satellite external specialized in areas for the support to the enterprise.

Besides the centre of Caserta, we have branches to the hospital Giusliano (Facilities),the hospital of Ischia((Facilities), the hospital of Pozzuoli (Facilities)the hospital Monaldi (Facilities), ASL Caserta1(Facilities), (in Calabria and we boast of effective partnership with the principal manufacturing firms of biomedical technologies and healthcare fittings”) etc.

Adiramef srl today is the leader of a group of firms of technological avant-garde connected among them to offer a vast range of products and above all of services to the healthcare, both public and private firms, with the objective to furnish them the most modern tools for: to improve the quality of the disburse healthcare performances; to meaningfully reduce the costs of the system through the technological innovation, the development of the prevention and the punctual monitoring of the activities and to contain always where is possible every form of uneasiness for the patients.


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