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Plant planning and execution, even if of contained dimensions, often requires special knowledge and specific experiences, so that it can always guarantee the activities optimum development and the possible best result. Especially in the middle-great company structures and in the public companies a work execution, when it needs to refers to many enterprises and professional interlocutors that can't always be easily managed and planned, is an heavy commitment, both for the purchaser and the same consulted societies. The opportunity that one can refer to a single interlocutor, top of an organization pyramid, not belonging to the sphere of the interventions that can be attributed to the purchaser, guarantees at this latter the existence of a single responsible, both for the delivery of material, tables and other orders and for the works executive planning. Adiramef group present itself with a company organization that integrated in a single amalgamated reality different specialized professional people, engineering studies and research centres, as well as private companies with qualified operative skill. So the Global Technique service offered by Adiramef group , includes the ordinary and the extraordinary maintenance activities, also all the activities of technical and management support, for the checking and the maintenance of the services quality and entrusting parameters, according to the requirements suggested in the field technical norms. Besides there are included all the planning and the carrying out activities for the plants technological, included the tests and the periodic safety and functional checks.

The opportunity that we can offer to the purchaser a complete and exhaustive competence and skill, in the design achievement and maintenance of very high technical content works, is the aim that Adiramef group wanted to reach with Global Technique service.
Sure of its staff and of the other joined engineering companies experiences and professional being, Adiramef group is able to guarantee the necessary planning support and the works correct execution till the final test in all the public or private works that involve the fields:
  • Electric one;
  • Electronic one;
  • Telecommunications and information theories nets;
  • Environment checking and observation plants, complex structures, territorial areas;
  • Again intrusion and fire plants;
  • Fire survey plants through infra-red stations;
  • Air treatment plants;
  • Technical gas distribution and evacuation plants;
  • BT-MT electric energy distribution plants;
  • Design direction checks and tests on field;
  • Support in checks and inspections for the safety on work places.

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