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Many pharmacological specialities and organic material need a checked temperature stocking and can easily changein case if it’s different from the values established by the producerfor shorter or less short times. Refrigerator-wardrobes and cryogen tanks use guarantees that stocking temperature is that it’s been laid down but, working anomalies or external reasons, not immediately identifiable, often cause programmed temperature significant alterations, by causing considerable economic damages to the health structure or, worse, by causing a kept product pharmacological alteration of indeterminable importance by the chemist’s shop staff or by the doctor, with unexpected effects on the receiver patient. The specific norms lay down that the refrigerator-medicines, the refrigerators-blood banks and the refrigerator-freezers are equipped with a weekly graphic register for the written gauging of the temperature inside the refrigerator-space and with a supplementary alarm signalling, also far away from the apparatus (see the Health Ministry Ministerial Decree 1.9.1985), and, besides, since some time, the same refrigerating equipments are become medical devices (see European Directive 93/42/CEE Legislative Decree 24.02.97n.46/97-official Farmacopea –1998 X° Edition and 2003 XI° Edition). Adiramef has extended such regulation also for it's refrigerator – medicines wardrobe, refrigerator-blood banks and refrigerator-freezers own production, besides by extending monitoring opportunities and remote signa ing with telecommunication modern technologies use, by offering a service, the onlyone inits way, that monitors the realstability, in the long run, of the programmed temperatures for the pharmacological speciality preservation, as we as other important functional parameters. In fact, the graphic register and its correlated alarm, permits to the present staff to know,just in time, the only temperature change and to finish the necessary preservative actions but, when the staff is away and there is no protection, it becomes indispensable to know, even at distance, the apparatusconditions to interfere, just in time. Besides,it seems too taken for granted that electric energy programmed interruptions wi interest the whole nation,justin “hot” periods, for this reason it’s even more to be hoped a continuous refrigerator equipment for the over-exposedreasons.

The opportunity toknow at distance some of the refrigerator equipments main function subjected to a supervision is possiblethanks to the modern techniques of digital transmission on the telephone net. Refrigerator-medicines wardrobes, refrigerator-blood banks and refrigerator-freezers, produced by Adiramef, are already predisposed to observe some of the parametersessential to the apparatus good working:
  1. internal hallow (or hallows) temperature;
  2. environment temperature;
  3. graphic register working;
  4. electrical feed lack;
  5. open door.

Every single refrigerator-wardrobe is already equipped with the sensors and the electronics necessary to the gauging of the parameters above mentioned. The analogical sensors and the digital transductions converge on a concentrator interfaced to a serial/Ethernet converter, connected to a router for telephone net. Both the apparatus and the single sensor areidentified with a their own univocal digital code, that permitsthe classificationfor geographical area and the automatic postponement to the data base on the other correlated information (cryo –cold- management answerable, location, telephone contacts, apparatus general maintenance conditions, electrical autonomy and so on). Though it’s possible to put the necessary electronics in every kind of refrigerator-freezer wardrobe, it is proposed a medium capacity apparatus, so asto be inserted without great difficulty, already equipped with the electronics and local alarms and ready to be insertedin the net of distance checking managing by the society.


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