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The Mission of Adiramef Group

Adiramef Group
Adiramef Group The mission of Adiramef in the next decade is that to conquer a share of Italian and foreign market for Global Service as activity of Facility Management in healthcare field and not, to realize structures in turnkey civil, healthcare/industrial and to develop activities of production of proper brevets in environmental, healthcare and furnishing field, steel. healthcare, commercial and industrial.

The Mission of Adiramef Group s.r.l.

The mission of Adiramef srl is that to plan and furnish services of Clinical engineering and Integrated Services to the healthcare technological system, or to assure the correct management and maintenance of the medical equipments park of a healthcare and Hospital Structure, guaranteeing to the Client competence, reliability, timeliness and support in the management, in the maintenance in safety and correct functionality of the whole assisted park..

What our Clients expect by the whole staff of the structure of the Adiramef is:
  • Competence and knowledge of management and solution of the technical problem list;
  • Respect of the assumed contractual commitments;
  • Timeliness in the management and solution of the technical problem list;
  • Total management of the connected aspects with the correct and safe working of all the medical equipments;
  • Technical and consulting support, furnished by all the operational levels, in the determination of their choices and decisions within the medical technologies.

  • Therefore the followings objectives have been identified, they have to involve the whole staff of Adiramef srl at the different operational levels and of responsibility:
    To Exceed client’s expectations:
  • To be recognized as good partners in the degree of satisfaction of the Client in comparison to the competition al national level;
  • To furnish suitable consulting services and assistance in all the areas of medical technologies;
  • To assure the maximum timeliness in the replies and the search for suitable solutions for all the problem list connected with the disbursement of our services;
  • To furnish wide documentation and information about the entity, nature and quality of the supplied services.

  • Get profit for the growth:
  • To optimize the beneficent costs to achieve a reasonable profit that allows further investments in research and development;
  • To assemble the actions and the experiences with the purpose to re-enter among the first 10 societies within the area and to attract people and the most qualified operators of the market;

  • Invest in training:
  • Training, as continuous tool, in order to increase the knowledge and competence of the internal staff in the specific operational areas, and as tool of wider knowledge of healthcare and Hospital structures in which our Clients operate and, in broad terms, of the whole medical area;
  • Training as cognitive process of the requisites and of the demands of the Client;

  • Respect the environment:
  • To pursue the respect of the environment in the development of all the activities connected with the disbursement of the technical services, considering the specificity of the places of care in which the staff will operate;

  • Respect the patients:
  • To undertake in the continuous search of timely, suitable and safe solutions in view of the lent services, considering the direct and indirect impact of our activity towards patient in therapy, care or diagnosis within healthcare structures;

  • Work in safety:
  • To put all the directives and the prescriptions in accord to the Law 626/94 into effect and to continually seek to improve the safety of the workers;
  • To collaborate with the various levels of the Business Direction for all the furnished services to be disbursed according to the maximum safety levels foreseen by the national and European standards.

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